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IH 000 000 121 - Reflective stickers for ATRA 10 helmet- prismatic structure

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IH000 000 121






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Reflective stickers with a prismatic structure are intended for use with ATRA 10 and ATRA 10V helmets. They are characterized by an increased ability to reflect light (class RA2) confirmed by the EN DIN 67520:2013-10 standard. Their shape is matched to the shape of the helmet and their arrangement was designed in a way that reflective elements are located both at the front, top, back and on the sides of the shell. They are made of high-quality, self-adhesive reflective foil with a long durability.

The use of reflective stickers on helmets is especially recommended for employees of road, railway, rescue and other services, where work is performed in insufficient lighting or difficult weather conditions.

The stickers are available in the following colors: silver and yellow.


Before applying, ensure that the helmet shell is free from any dirt or contamination that may adversely affect the adhesion of the stickers. Match the numbered stickers shown in the picture to their location on the helmet shell. Carefully remove the stickers from the protective foil and put them on the shell. When sticking, try to avoid leaving any air bubbles under the sticker.

Attention! It is unacceptable to use stickers on helmets with visible mechanical damage. Concealing damage in this way may lead to a serious threat to the life of the user. When inspecting the helmet with stickers applied on the shell, pay special attention to whether there may be any permanent damage to the shell hidden under the stickers.

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