Spare parts

Protecting workers from falling is the primary standard in the field of safety of work performed at heights. One of the elements of individual personal protective equipment are anchor points that are intended to provide adequate protection of workers while working on the roofs of buildings, regardless of their construction, type of structure. Of course, such points and systems cannot function properly without suitable spare parts offered by PROTEKT, a market leader providing occupational safety equipment and systems.

Spare parts for anchor points from PROTEKT


As a general rule, systems anchored to the ground should be reusable. While the equipment itself is durable and meets a range of strength standards, anchor points or other necessary elements wear out and may therefore require replacement. That's why PROTEKT offers spare parts for anchor points, which are an essential piece of equipment for teams performing work at height. Equipment supplied by PROTEKT is characterized by high quality workmanship, which translates into adequate durability, as well as proper operation of anchor points.


Available spare parts for anchor points


In the offer prepared by PROTEKT you can find wood screws, fastening kits, stainless steel screws, chemical anchors, galvanized steel segments, washers and even pillar thrust plates.