Hi Vision full body harness

Hi Vision full body harnesses are designed mainly for rescue operations carried out at heights and in places where visibility of workers is of utmost importance. Increased visibility is the most significant feature of Hi Vision harnesses offered by Protekt. Such an effect is achieved thanks to the application of bright harness tapes (yellow or even orange) as well as reflective markers and tapes on the belts, which reflect the light. Harnesses are made of polyester and are complemented mainly with steel buckles, which ensure their high durability and safety of use.

High durability Hi Vision full body harnesses 


Hi Vision harnesses available in the offer prepared by Protekt are a guarantee of increased visibility of both rescuers and regular employees working at heights. We provide a wide range of products thanks to which everyone can find solutions that meet their expectations. The harnesses are made of polyester threads which are 45 mm wide, they have buckles at the back and anchorage points at the front. Individual Hi Vision harnesses can be additionally equipped with:



Certified Hi Vision harnesses


Hi Vision harnesses offered by Protekt are characterized by high quality and durability, which is confirmed by numerous certificates proving their compliance with standards. It's also worth noting that the durability of the harnesses was tested with a special load (up to 140 kg). Particular models meet such standards as: EN 358, EN 361, EN 1497 (as an example, Hi Vision P-87R HV harnesses are compliant with all these standards simultaneously). Moreover, offered products can boast the European declaration of conformity (issued in accordance with the regulation of the European Parliament).